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International Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry
Vol. 7, Issue 5, Part A (2022)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Country
Improvement on growth and reduction of kid's mortality through adoption of brooding technique in goats in the mid-hill of Nepal
Dipak Adhikari, Raju Kadel, Purna Bhadra Chapagain, Buddhi Ram acharya, Purna Bahadur Shrestha and Nabaraj Paudel
Pages: 01-05  |  29 Views  5 Downloads  |  Country: Nepal
Histomorphological study of trachea in starling birds (Sturnus vulgaris)
Suhaib AH AL-Taai, Taha Katte Khalaf and Harith Hummadi Al-Mohmdi
Pages: 06-09  |  27 Views  6 Downloads  |  Country: Iraq
Polymorphism of DNA microsatellite BMS 1248 and ILSTS 006 on taro white cattle in Bali, Indonesia
Ni Luh Ayu Kartika Meidy Pramudiasari, I Nengah Wandia, I Ketut Puja and I Nyoman Sulabda
Pages: 10-12  |  38 Views  10 Downloads  |  Country: Indonesia
Phenotypic characterization and production systems of indigenous chickens in urban, peri urban and rural area of the west Harerghe zone, Ethiopia
Sufiyan Abdi Musa
Pages: 13-22  |  45 Views  7 Downloads  |  Country: Ethiopia
Review on identification of ixodid tick species on bovine in and around Shanan Dhugo District, Eastern Ethiopia
Merga Firdisa Duguma
Pages: 23-25  |  26 Views  2 Downloads  |  Country: Ethiopia
Review on epidemiology, pathogenesis, treatment, control and prevention of gastrointestinal parasite of poultry
Sufian Abdo Jilo, Teyib Abafogi Abadula, Sadik Zakir Abadura, Rashid Hussein Gobana, Lenco Abdulhak Hasan and Sureshkumar P Nair
Pages: 26-34  |  38 Views  5 Downloads  |  Country: Ethiopia
Surgical management of recurrent rectal prolapse in a pup by colopexy
M Vigneswari, S Tina Roshini, N Gurunathan, Vedhavani, A Manas, Manju, Angunuo Mere, Chimithi and Arivukarasi
Pages: 35-36  |  33 Views  8 Downloads  |  Country: India
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International Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry