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Vol. 7, Issue 5, Part A (2022)

Histomorphological study of trachea in starling birds (Sturnus vulgaris)

Author(s): Suhaib AH AL-Taai, Taha Katte Khalaf and Harith Hummadi Al-Mohmdi
Abstract: The current study was included 10 birds of Sturnus valguris, divided into two groups, each group has 5 birds for using of the study. Ages of that birds were average between (6-9 months), and they were weight (123-131 g). The present study was had two sides, the first side was represented morphological results and second side was histological target. The trachea was musculo-membranous cartilaginous tube, located between the larynx and runs away toward left and right lungs, inside the thoracic cavity and continuously dorsally with esophagus. The study expressed the trachea in S. valguris decreased in diameter towards posterior progressively, where the study showed tracheal ring, characterized complete ring, the trachea was characterized flexible, non-folded rings and series of cartilage rings, this ring numbers were range average between (70 to 100) in different numbers between types. Second target included the histological results, where it's showed tracheal rings were complete and observed mucosa of trachea was composed pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium which lined internal surfaces of trachea with distribution of goblet cells, either the second layer represented lamina propria was a loose connective tissue which rich a blood vessels. Either others layers represented by submucosa, muscularis and adventitia.
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Suhaib AH AL-Taai, Taha Katte Khalaf, Harith Hummadi Al-Mohmdi. Histomorphological study of trachea in starling birds (Sturnus vulgaris). Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2022;7(5):06-09. DOI:
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