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Vol. 9, Issue 1, Part M (2024)

Fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome in poultry

Author(s): Jitendra Kant Nagar, Sarjna Meena, Pratikshit Sanel, Shashi Choudhary and Sunita Rolania
Abstract: In poultry, FLHS is a most important non-infectious metabolic disorder which results in heavy mortality. It is characterized by dullness, depression, enlargement of liver due to excessive accumulation of lipids in liver, decrease egg production and frequently sudden death in a flock. Many factors involved to cause of FLHS such as nutritional/excessive energy diet, environmental, abnormal hormonal, lack of exercise, hereditary etc. Thirteen chickens presented in Veterinary Clinical Complex, PGIVER, Jaipur with history of off feed, dull and sudden dead five chicken at home. Fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome was diagnosed by clinical symptoms and post mortem of dead chickens. Nine chickens were cured by proper exercise, optimum diet with necessary multivitamin supplements and regular monitoring of body weight but four chicken dead within one day due to serious condition. The clinical symptoms were like depression, sudden decrease egg number and sudden death. The post mortem findings were enlarged liver, liver haemorrages and liver engorged with fat. Choline is more effective in this condition but its quantity differs among the different raw materials.
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Jitendra Kant Nagar, Sarjna Meena, Pratikshit Sanel, Shashi Choudhary, Sunita Rolania. Fatty liver haemorrhagic syndrome in poultry. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2024;9(1):948-950.
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