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Vol. 8, Issue 4, Part F (2023)

Effect of feeding Moringa leaves to Sirohi goat kids on their growth performance

Author(s): Anita Kumari Meena, Mahendra Singh and Deepak Kumar
The goal of the current study, "Effect of feeding Moringa leaves to Sirohi goat kids on their growth performance," was to determine how feeding Sirohi goat kids concentrate mixtures and Moringa leaves would affect their growth. At the goat farm Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Kota, twenty-four Sirohi goat kids aged one month were randomly chosen and put into three groups, each with eight kids, based on their similar ages and body weights. Trifolium alexandrinum, also known as berseem, was employed as roughage, ready-made commercial feed served as a concentrate, and moringa leaves served as an experimental diet for Sirohi goat kids. Berseem was used ad libitum during the whole study period in all treatments, supplementing the T1 (control) group with 100% concentrate, the T2 group with 75% concentrate plus 25% moringa leaves, and the T3 group with 50% concentrate plus 50% moringa leaves. Children received berseem feeding in addition to an experimental meal enriched with concentrate and Moringa leaves @ 1.5% of live body weight. The findings demonstrated a considerable rise in the kids' consumption of dry matter across all groups. Goat kids in the T3 group saw greater total body weight changes and average daily body weight gains than those in the T2 and T1 (control) groups. It was determined that feeding Sirohi goat kids, Moringa leaves and a concentrate combination increased their body weight, average daily weight growth, and feed consumption.
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Anita Kumari Meena, Mahendra Singh, Deepak Kumar. Effect of feeding Moringa leaves to Sirohi goat kids on their growth performance. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2023;8(4):380-383.
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