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Vol. 8, Issue 4, Part A (2023)

Morphometrical analysis of the tongue of adult white leghorn birds

Author(s): Shikha Saini and Rakesh Mathur
Tongue specimens were collected from twenty-five White Leghorn hens, approximately one year of age. The tongue was located on the floor of the oropharyngeal cavity, specifically in a trench-like depression between the mandibular rami of the lower beak, directed downwards and backward. The tongue exhibited a triangular outline, resembling an arrowhead with a pointed tip. Various anatomical parts of the tongue, including the apex, body, caudal lingual papillae, and root, were measured and analyzed. The average weight and length of the tongue were 0.627±0.03 gm and 26.84±2.24 mm, respectively. The average widths and thicknesses of the tongue were as follows: apex (3.09±0.20 mm, 1.31±0.19 mm), body (7.10±0.18 mm, 3.10±0.12 mm), papillary crest (10.74±0.38 mm, 4.55±0.23 mm), and root (9.94±0.38 mm, 3.84±0.27 mm).
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Shikha Saini, Rakesh Mathur. Morphometrical analysis of the tongue of adult white leghorn birds. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2023;8(4):30-33.
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