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Vol. 8, Issue 3, Part C (2023)

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement to predict blood profile in sheep to help diagnose anemia caused by haemonchosis

Author(s): Ridi Arif, Elok Budi Retnani and Fadjar Satrija
Abstract: Haemonchus contortusinfection (haemonchosis) often occurs in sheep and cause chronic blood losses. These worms causing symptoms of anemia that can continue in hypoproteinemia or even death. Therefore, early recognition of anemic conditions due to haemonchosis becomes very important. Rapid and accurate detection of the incidence of anemia will help in the determination of appropriate therapy.The purpose of this study was to detect anemia in sheep with easy, fast, and non-invasive way through the SpO2 examination. A total of 20 sheep were divided into 2 groups, control and the treatment group. Treatment groupwere sheep with artificial anemia that used as a model for haemonchosis anemia. The results showed that the normal levels of sheep SpO2 were 90.30±6.98% – 92.80±5.37% which described the number of RBC were 9.78±1.98x106/µl– 10.44±1.52106/µl, Hb 8.42±1.07 g/dl – 9.14±1.03 g/dl and HCT 26.79±3.27% – 29.37±2.94%. When sheep were anemic, SpO2 values dropped to 81.40±4.09% reflecting RBC levels of 8.18±2.14x106/µl, Hb 6.98±1.28 g/dl and HCT 21.82±3.93%. The strongest relationship of SpO2 with Hb levels in the equation y=0.1334x-3.856 with a correlation of 85.8%. The coefficient of determination of the equation is 0.74 so that the SpO2 value can guess the condition of anemia through the approximate hemoglobin value. From these results shows that SpO2 can be used as an estimator of anemic conditions in sheep. The SPO2 examination needs to be combined with the results of the EPG examination to confirm whether the anemia that occurs wascaused by haemonchosis or due to other causes.
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Ridi Arif, Elok Budi Retnani, Fadjar Satrija. Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement to predict blood profile in sheep to help diagnose anemia caused by haemonchosis. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2023;8(3):157-162. DOI:
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