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Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part A (2021)

Treatment of chronic gastritis in an adult labrador working dog: A case study

Author(s): Kamble KD
Abstract: Gastritis is a common condition in dogs resulting due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The stomach lining can be subjected to irritation by several substances including foreign bodies and food components, which may disagree with the digestive system of canine.
An adult Labrador working male dog, named as “Diesel” aged eight years and six months was presented with complaints of decreased feed intake and stomach upset. Temperature and general activity remained normal. Vomiting with foamy bile was seen twice a day.
All the hemato-biochemical parameters were within normal range except for blood urea, serum creatinine and alkaline phasphatse, which showed higher values.
Based on the clinic-biochemical presentation, the case was diagnosed as chronic gastritis and the treatment regime comprising of fluid therapy, antiemetics, antacids and antibiotics was administered. The animal responded to the treatment and recovery was uneventful.
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Kamble KD. Treatment of chronic gastritis in an adult labrador working dog: A case study. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2021;6(3):22-24.
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