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Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part C (2020)

Prevalence, intensity and risk factors of tick infestation of cattle in N'djamena Chad

Author(s): Belpena Zachée, Ouagal Mahamat, Mahamat Saboune and Awah-Ndukum Julius
Abstract: Ticks induce huge production and economic losses in livestock industry by creating serious animal health problems. The study was carried out to characterize ticks species and determine the prevalence and risk factors tick infestation of cattle at the N'Djamena abattoir, Chad. A systematic random sampling technique was used to select 712 animals while questionnaire interview of 100 cattle farmers and observation of cattle and farm environments was carried out in the peri-urban areas of N'Djamena. The results showed that 260 (36.52%, 95% CI: 33.00 – 40.19) cattle were infested with ticks. Sex, age, breed, season and frequency of tick control had significant effects (ݑƒ< 0.05) on the prevalence and relative abundance of tick infestation of cattle. Hyalomma marginatum (33.73%), Hyalomma lusitanicum (21.65%), Boophilus annulatus (17.19%), Amblyomma variegatum (14.15) and Rhipicephalus turanicus (13.28%) were identified in the study. Overall the relative abundance was higher for male ticks (P<0.05) and Hyalomma spp (55.39%) (P<0.00001) compared to the female ticks and other tick species, respectively. Co-infestations of various tick combinations were widespread and the caudal fold region was predominant (P<0.05) predilection site for ticks. All respondents were aware of ticks and could identified Boophilus spp (49%), Hyalomma spp (34%), Amblyomma variegatum (17%) and Rhipicephalus (0%) ticks. Awareness enhancement of farmers about the impacts of ticks on livestock production and productivity cannot be overemphasized.
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Belpena Zachée, Ouagal Mahamat, Mahamat Saboune, Awah-Ndukum Julius. Prevalence, intensity and risk factors of tick infestation of cattle in N'djamena Chad. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2020;5(4):139-146.
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