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Vol. 4, Issue 6, Part A (2019)

Estimation of body weight and dressed weight in different sheep breeds of Karnataka

Author(s): MS Hussain, Appannavar MM, Yathish HM, Suranagi MD, Biradar US and Asharani AD
Abstract: Animal biometry can succour in a great extent to predict the body weight in livestock when accurate scales for measuring mass is in accessible at most of the rural establishments. Under rural conditions however, where scales and records may be absent, it may be difficult to know the weight of sheep. Various body measurements are of value in judging the quantity characteristics of meat and also are helpful in developing of suitable selection criteria (Islam et al. 1991). Procedures for estimating weight of small ruminants in such conditions include the use of weight visual appraisal, and use of body linear measurements among others, all these measurements give estimates of the animals live weight and in turn can find out the dressed weight, which will be a difficult task but the farmer get monitory benefits. This study was designed to estimate body weight and dressed weight from various body measurements in Yalaga, Kenguri and Bannur sheep reared under rural extensive production system. Animals were brought from native tract to slaughter house. Data were recorded from 60 male sheep in each breed of 6-9 months age to investigate the relationship between body weight and dressed weight with body measurements such as body height, body length and chest girth. The statistical analysis revealed the body height and chest girth are the traits showing significant results for prediction of body weight and dressed weight in Yalaga, Kenguri and Bannur, except for body weight in Kenguri where only the body height showing significant results for body weight and dressed weight. The R2 value ranges from 0.46 to 0.72, and highest R2 value were found in Kenguri between body weight and body height (0.72; p<0.01).The analysis was done by Multiple Regression Analysis and equations were developed based on high R2 and low AIC and Cp criterion.
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MS Hussain, Appannavar MM, Yathish HM, Suranagi MD, Biradar US, Asharani AD. Estimation of body weight and dressed weight in different sheep breeds of Karnataka. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2019;4(6):10-14.
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