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Vol. 4, Issue 5, Part A (2019)

Foot and mouth disease: Tracing recent presence in Nepal

Author(s): Sudiksha Pandit, Pratiksha Parajuli, Suman Bhandari and Krishna Kaphle
Abstract: Foot and Mouth disease is an extremely contagious viral disease affecting all the cloven footed animals and elephants. The purpose of this study was to perform an epidemiological analysis of FMD outbreak in Nepal. It is endemic in Nepal since the time immemorial as well as in South Asian countries. FMD is highly transmissible diseases that have the potential for very serious and rapid spread, which is irrespective of national border and are of serious economic consequences and is causing restrictions on international trade in animal products. Time and again, around 200 outbreaks of FMD have been reported in Nepal and is causing substantial economic losses of around Rs. 98, 806 per affected household directly by decreasing the production and change in herd structure, and indirectly losses by cost of FMD control. Thus, strict vaccination programme, quarantine, bio-security and awareness on basic nature of FMD to animal handlers could be the best approach. This paper is based on the review of different articles from various journals, magazines, epidemiological bulletin and reports from government of Nepal. The obtained information was thoroughly reviewed and its history, present status, diagnostic tools and prevention and control approach adopted was reanalyzed and summarized.
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Sudiksha Pandit, Pratiksha Parajuli, Suman Bhandari, Krishna Kaphle. Foot and mouth disease: Tracing recent presence in Nepal. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2019;4(5):16-19.
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