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Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part A (2018)

A case report of squamous cell carcinoma in buffalo

Author(s): Sachin Regmi, Sagar Regmi, Utsav Lamichhane, Saroj Bista and Anil Kumar Tiwary
Abstract: A local breed of buffalo, Murrah cross 4.5 years old with a tumor on its forelimb of left leg on the lateral side of metacarpal, suspected as squamous cell carcinoma is discussed in this study. As primary sign animal showed awkward gait and difficulty in movement. Initially the mass was seen as wart like structure and later on progressed to the formation of bulky mass of cancerous cells in the span of three months. The attempt to treat by chemotherapy was unsuccessful during the course. The tumor was surgically removed after fine needle aspiration cytology. Histopathological examination performed on the removed mass showed underlying acanthosis and hyperkeratosis. Thus, the case was confirmed as squamous cell carcinoma. Post-operative care was provided to the animal after the surgery. The main aim of this study was to differentiate the nature and type of tumor and to provide a way to further proceed the treatment in similar cases.
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Sachin Regmi, Sagar Regmi, Utsav Lamichhane, Saroj Bista, Anil Kumar Tiwary. A case report of squamous cell carcinoma in buffalo. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2018;3(6):05-07.
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