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Vol. 3, Issue 5, Part B (2018)

Overview of Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH) in commercial broilers

Author(s): Dr. Keshab Prasad Sharma, Dr. Firozuddin Ahmed and Dr. Subrata Chowdhury
Abstract: Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH) is viral disease of Avian Adenoviruses group and mostly affects avian species. Incidences of Adenovirus infection is gradually increases in most of the countries and many infections are in subclinical form. Mostly after the declining of maternal immunity in chicks, virus replicates in birds and make them prone to infections. IBH Infection in birds is characterized by haemorrhages and dystrophic necrobiotic changes in the liver and kidneys, accompanied by intranuclear inclusion bodies. A characteristic macroscopic lesion is the enlarged, dystrophic liver with yellowish color and crumbly texture. Like most of the viral diseases, IBH also don’t have any specific treatment but to prevent secondary bacterial infections antibiotic may be given to birds. Proper vaccination in parents will give adequate antibodies in progeny, and if there is decline in maternal antibodies we can go for vaccination in progeny. It is a common disease in several countries and resulting huge mortality in broiler birds causing serious economic loss to poor farmers.
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Dr. Keshab Prasad Sharma, Dr. Firozuddin Ahmed, Dr. Subrata Chowdhury. Overview of Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH) in commercial broilers. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2018;3(5):92-94.
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