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Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A (2018)

Review: overview on bovine dermatophytosis

Author(s): Walid S Mousa and Eman-abdeen
Abstract: Dermatophytosis or known as (Ring worm) is a major contagious fungal disease affecting cattle of worldwide distribution. It invade and digested the keratinized tissues of skin and hair of host causing severe skin damage. Sever economic losses including damage or low grade type of skin besides the reduction of meat and milk production. Moreover, contagiousness of this disease due to its zoontic and public health concern to human throw direct or indirect contact with infected animals or materials. T. verrucosum considered a common fungi causing ringworm in cattle which characterized by rapidly spreading among susceptible animals. Longevity of Spores of T. verrucosum in different environmental conditions appear to be a big obstacle that prevent its eradication from the environment and difficulty of treatment. Mycological examination as well as Molecular techniques as PCR were used effectively for diagnosis the disease in suspected cases. Recently, new modern alternative methods for treatment were applied as use of some plant extract or essential oils to avoid problems and side effects of traditional antifungal therapy. This review provide update information about some important points in risk factors and new trend in control of bovine dermatophytosis.
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International Journal of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry
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Walid S Mousa, Eman-abdeen. Review: overview on bovine dermatophytosis. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2018;3(2):16-19.
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