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Vol. 2, Issue 5, Part A (2017)

Evaluation of galactogogue activity of a polyherbal formulation in cattle

Author(s): AA Sanghai, GR Bhojne, NP Dakshinkar, VM Dhoot and AG Dubey
Abstract: The experiment was conducted to study the effect of a poly-herbal galactogogue on milk production and some haemato-biochemical constituents of blood in lactating cows. The animals were fed with a poly-herbal galactogogue consisting of Lepidium sativum 50% and Dioscorea bulbifera 50% @ 100 g/day/animal for 15 consecutive days. Haemato-biochemical parameters viz. haemoglobin, serum calcium, serum phosphorus, serum total protein and serum glucose and milk yield was recorded on 0th, 15th and 30th day of experiment. The present study revealed that haemoglobin concentration decreased with increased in milk yield. Serum calcium was increased significantly in all groups whereas serum total protein was improved significantly in early, mid lactating cows and non-significantly in late lactating cows. Marginal reduction in serum glucose and phosphorus was recorded in all the groups with increasing milk yield. In all the groups due to supplementation of poly-herbal galactogogue milk yield increased significantly by 11.61% to 16.86% in cows. Form the present study; it is clearly suggest that supplementation of poly-herbal galactogogue has significant effect on milk production in cows at each stage of lactation.
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AA Sanghai, GR Bhojne, NP Dakshinkar, VM Dhoot, AG Dubey. Evaluation of galactogogue activity of a polyherbal formulation in cattle. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2017;2(5):01-03.
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