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Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part A (2017)

Role of information and communication technology (ICT) in livestock development in rural India

Author(s): Ahmad Zia Ibrahimkhail
Abstract: Information and communication technology (ICTs) have played a critical role in society's growth. India has been experimenting with expanding the scope of ICTs to rural areas in order to bring growth to these areas for many years. A variety of projects are currently in the works. ICTs have immense capacity for retaining and spreading aboriginal wisdom, which can increase people's prospects and serve as a significant source of empowerment, especially for the socially and economically vulnerable. The proliferation of knowledge and technology, as well as access to electronic media, has opened up new possibilities for information production and distribution. The role of ICT in developing livestock science, education, and extension to improve the quality of life of poor livestock farmers in rural areas is well known. ICT can assist a traditional Indian farmer in collecting pertinent knowledge about livestock processing and management technology, animal husbandry systems, animal health care and treatment, animal insurance, consumer support, and livestock finance and management. Livestock extension programs are largely relying on ICT to deliver relevant and location-specific technology to farmers in order to provide prompt and knowledgeable advice. Not only can ICT be used to establish cyber livestock extension, but it can also be used to extend the livestock science and education infrastructure.
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Ahmad Zia Ibrahimkhail. Role of information and communication technology (ICT) in livestock development in rural India. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2017;2(3):38-41.
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