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Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part A (2017)

Toxic effect of silver nanoparticles on bull and cattle spermatozoa

Author(s): Chawla Vinita, Dr. Shivaji Hanmanthrao Sontakke and Dr. Jayant Khadse
Abstract: Now-a-days, most of researchers are focusing upon synthesis and application of nanoparticles as therapeutic and diagnostic agents, medical products and drug delivery systems. The increased use of silver nanoparticles enhanced products will almost certainly increase environmental silver levels, resulting in increased exposures and the potential for increased adverse reactions. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory features of silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) make them one of the fastest growing product categories in the nanotechnology industry. Excessive exposure to silver nanoparticles may have adverse toxic effects on the animal body, however, their harmful characteristics to bovine sperm and the mechanisms were not well documented. In view of this, preliminary study was undertaken to evaluate the sperm toxicity of silver nano particles. Silver nanoparticles of 2 various plants leaves were synthesized. One plant was medicinal (Acorus calamus) and another plant was a weed (Lantana Camara). The silver nanoparticles of both the plants proved to be toxic to the semen samples. The semen sample showed immediate precipitation of sperm cells and the seminal fluid formed as the supernatant. Deheaded sperms, abnormality of sperms and coagulation of semen was observed immediately after the addition of the silver nanoparticles solution to the semen sample. Similarly the studies were carried out to check whether the same result is observed when the semen sample is treated with plant extracts and silver nitrate separately. The plant extracts did not lead to any coagulation of sperm cells but it reduced the progressive motility of sperms to zero no morphological changes in the sperms were observed. Whereas when the semen sample was treated with Silver nitrate solution even at the lowest concentration of 10µl it lead to immediate coagulation of sperms at the bottom of the tube and separation of seminal plasma fluid and the sperm cells, morphological defects in the sperms and zero motility of sperms was observed.
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Chawla Vinita, Dr. Shivaji Hanmanthrao Sontakke, Dr. Jayant Khadse. Toxic effect of silver nanoparticles on bull and cattle spermatozoa. Int J Vet Sci Anim Husbandry 2017;2(3):04-09.
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